Hurricane Irene: A Refresher Course

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It happens every year: the first official hurricane of the Atlantic season.  Somehow, even though we know it’s probably coming, it always takes us a bit by surprise.  As travelers, we do our best to be informed and prepared before it hits, and yet, when the first hurricane becomes a reality, there’s still that moment of mind-racing questioning, in which we ask ourselves: Do we have everything we need?  Is this going to change our plans significantly?  And if it does change our plans, does our travel insurance cover that?

As Hurricane Irene gathers strength, we encourage all travelers to re-acquaint themselves with their travel insurance policies.  (If you haven’t already purchased one, you won’t be able to get any coverage for Irene, but it may be advisable to take this storm as a sign of things to come and snap up an insurance policy for any upcoming trips you’re planning — since the chances of a one-hurricane season are pretty slim.)  Below is a quick reference guide to some of the hurricane-related topics we’ve covered on this blog recently, so you can refresh your memory on anything of which you’re unsure.  As always, we recommend that you call our Customer Care center at 800-487-4722 with specific questions related to your individual policy.

Read more about these topics on the InsureMyTrip blog:

Delays and Cancellations
Damage to your accommodations
Damage to your home or the surrounding area
Unique concerns

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