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Editorial Update: It’s clear to us that, in the past two months, Ratings and Reviews on InsureMyTrip.com has had a huge impact on the way people purchase travel insurance.  In less than ninety days, we’ve seen tremendous gains in the scope and popularity of the feature.  Our customers have generated six times more content than any other review site, and with nearly four thousand original, unbiased traveler ratings, InsureMyTrip.com has emerged as the leader in not only online travel insurance offerings, but impartial reviews of travel insurance as well.

We’re thrilled to announce the latest site improvement to InsureMyTrip.com: Customer Ratings and Reviews. This exciting feature allows users to view, submit, and comment on thousands of ratings by fellow travelers of the travel insurance plans sold on the site.  It also shows travelers the star ratings for plans they are comparing, offers sorting and filtering features for usability, and breaks down the ratings into categories so travelers can see how specific travel insurance policies measure up in areas such as cost effectiveness, coverage options, and claims processing.

Our reviews have been submitted only by travelers who purchased their policies through InsureMyTrip.com, which means that visitors to the Ratings and Reviews forum can be confident that the people rating the products have direct experience with only those plans that we sell.  However, commenting and actively engaging in discussions on the page is open to all users, whether they have purchased through InsureMyTrip.com or not.  Ratings and Reviews on InsureMyTrip.com is a community forum, where we hope to see travelers engaging with one another, with IMT moderators, and even with the companies whose products we represent.  Our vision is to build a community of informed, passionate, engaged travelers whose thoughts and opinions about travel insurance can not only serve to benefit other travelers, but also shape the way companies within the industry think about, discuss, and improve their products and services.

We’re pleased and proud that as of the launch of the new Ratings and Reviews feature, the plans we sell have an average rating of 4.25 out of 5 possible stars.  97% of reviewers would recommend the policy they purchased to a friend or family member, and even among those travelers who had to file a travel insurance claim, 84% would still want to recommend that policy.  We’re honored that our customers have shared such positive feedback with us, and hope that Ratings and Reviews can be a tool with which we can continue to communicate even more closely with travelers.

Like the new Ratings and Reviews?  Have suggestions to offer?  Visit our Facebook page and drop us a note telling us what you think of InsureMyTrip.com’s Ratings and Reviews.

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