Up Close and Personal: Meeting Our Customers

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“What a special moment this is for me, to meet all of you.”

I know Jim meant it sincerely.  More than a decade after founding InsureMyTrip, Wednesday night’s Regional Customer Appreciation Dinner in Warwick, RI was the first opportunity he’s ever had to meet more than one or two of our travelers at a time.  It was also very likely the first opportunity he’s had to share a meal with them and listen to a phenomenal talk by superstar travel blogger Johnny Jet, who graciously accepted the invitation to join the party as the keynote speaker.

In the company of a room full of InsureMyTrip customers, Jim, along with many staff members from several departments, had the pleasure of learning about the people who keep our business alive and thriving.  Discovering the passion our customers have for travel was a renewed revelation for us; who would have thought that the majority of the people attending the dinner would have racked up at least 30 countries visited on their journeys?  Even more thrilling: one couple we spoke to was able to proudly proclaim that they had been to more than 70 countries in the world.  Seventy!  That’s more than Johnny Jet himself can claim (although I’m sure Johnny’s working on increasing his tally).

Here’s the funny thing: We dreamed up this event because we wanted to give a little something back to all of you.  We wanted to recognize the loyalty of our customers and show even just a small number of you that we truly appreciate you.  It gave us all great pleasure to host a dinner for you, to introduce you to our friend Johnny Jet, and to present our prize winners, Mr. Sunder Kaveri and his lovely wife Kusum, with two round-trip tickets from Qatar Airways.  (We hope your trip to India is fabulous, Mr. and Mrs. Kaveri!)  But even though we thought it would be an evening about giving back to you, we were the ones who walked away feeling as though we’d gained something.

Sometimes, in the day-to-day routine, it’s easy to forget why we do what we do.  We come to work, we answer phones, we work on site features or IT support or communications efforts, we attend meetings and make presentations and check off our to-do lists.  As we’re going about the work that keeps InsureMyTrip running, we don’t always have the chance to stop and think about what’s behind each and every click on our site and every ringing phone in our Customer Care center.  What’s behind those calls and clicks are stories — the excited planning for your summer vacations, your honeymoons, your family reunions, your once-in-a-lifetime tours of Europe.  And by meeting some of you in person and sharing an evening with you, we were reminded of those stories and of that excitement, that passion for travel.  Your spark helped to reignite ours.

So thank you, travelers, for being a part of our community.  Thank you for your loyalty, thank you for your business, and now we’re happy to be able to say to at least a few of you: Thank you for your friendship.

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