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This Week in Links, Travel Cautions Edition

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This week, the theme in our Customer Care Center seems to be travel alerts, warnings, and cautions.  Well-informed travelers have been calling in asking questions about destinations ranging from Russia to Thailand. These links should help clear up some of the questions surrounding the various concerns you may have about visiting some of the countries that are making travel headlines right now.

Russia.  As we posted about just a few days ago, there is a travel alert issued by the State Department regarding travel to the Russian Federation, in anticipation of the Sochi Olympics.  Our full report on travel insurance for Sochi covered the details of the many concerns outlined in the State Department’s alert.

The Philippines. There is currently a State Department Travel Warning in place for the Philippines, based on credible threats of terrorist activity.  If you’re seeking information about the role of travel insurance in this situation, we suggest reading this article on Travel Insurance and Terrorism.  It may also be helpful to brush up on the distinction between travel alerts and travel warnings.

South Pacific Cyclone Season.  The State Department has also issued a travel alert regarding the South Pacific cyclone season. This travel alert is not necessarily based on the imminent threat of a particular developing weather event, but is meant to alert travelers to the possibility of strong storm activity in that area due to the season. Travel insurance in the case of a tropical cyclone works very similarly to travel insurance for hurricane season.  The alert is a good reminder to brush up on the facts.

Thailand. There is no active alert or warning through the US State Department regarding Thailand; however, many travelers have called to ask about the unfolding protests and instability throughout the country.  We encourage those who are concerned about the unrest in Thailand to read this article on Civil Unrest and Travel.

Saint Maarten. Some travelers are concerned about the ongoing high rate of dengue fever in Saint Maarten.  It may be helpful to read this blog post about the position of travel insurance on pandemics, as well as to make sure you are thoroughly informed about the benefits of Travel Medical Insurance in case you were to become ill on your trip to the island.

Some levity to brighten a somber blog post.  If this roundup of information has left you feeling anxious or distressed in any way, we’d like to recommend getting your humor fix from a wonderful post from our friends at Blond and Brunette Travel.  We recently helped them with a complex insurance purchase, and they’ve rewarded our efforts with their hilarious rundown of their travel insurance experience.

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