This Week in Links, Valentine’s Edition

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The proliferation of flower deliveries and random chocolates around the InsureMyTrip offices today tells us that there’s something special in the air.  On this Valentine’s Day, we’re rounding up all the travel and travel insurance love we can find. Consider this our gift to you.

Finding the One that Got Away.

The We Met on a Plane app can help you out if you can’t stop thinking about that missed connection. People who have met a special someone at 30,000 feet, but let the romance go at the gate, can use their flight information to try to re-connect with their airline amour.

Olympic Athletes getting Appy.

Another app that’s making news right now is Tinder, a dating app that’s all the rage in the Olympic Village. It makes sense — the Games have always been about fostering goodwill among nations, after all, and with Valentine’s Day and the Winter Olympics in Sochi coinciding this year, the will appears to be a little extra good.

The Travel Day Nobody Loved.

What’s to love about a day that cements the winter of 2014’s place in history as the worst time for travel since the aftermath of 9/11?  Unless you love being snowbound in an airport or having your travel plans totally destroyed, yesterday had to be the least lovable day of the year so far. The nearly 6,000 flights cancelled across the US brought 2014’s grand total to more than 73,000. That’s a pretty unromantic number.

Oddly Romantic Places to Go.

A real life ice castle, underground suites, and a trio of towns skirting dangerously close to Conception Bay are all contenders on our list of Unusual Valentine’s Day travel ideas. Sure, you could whisk your loved one away to Paris or rent that cozy cabin you’ve been eyeing, but why be ordinary?

Oddly Unromantic Places to Go.

If what you’re searching for is a real turn-off, try heading to one of the locations on Smarter Travel’s list of the most unromantic places in the world. A museum of break-up memorabilia, a sewer tour, and an overnight stay among celibate monks ought to pretty much round out the itinerary for a night of purely platonic companionship.

Our Best Argument for Travel Insurance Yet.

If you’re not moved to buy travel insurance by our constant reminders about weather, flight cancellations, medical emergencies, and other possible mishaps, consider your Valentine.  Nothing says “I care about you” more than looking after the safety of your sweetie on your next trip.  In fact, if you look at it the right way, travel insurance is romantic. Yeah…that’s it. Romantic.

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