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This Week in Links, Safety & Security Edition

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There’s no way to put this delicately: It’s been a scary week for world headlines.  While the Olympics continue to wind down in Sochi with a pleasantly surprising lack of security drama (though the effects of that “dangerous face water” on Bob Costas brought a whole different kind of pathos), all is not necessarily quite so well outside the Olympic Village.


This is one of those rare occurrences that really makes you sit up and take notice; all the more so when there are two confirmed commercial airline hijackings within less than a month. An incident on Ethiopian Airlines, in which a co-pilot commandeered the plane in a bid for asylum in Switzerland, followed rather closely on the heels of a Turkish Airlines hijacking that involved a Ukrainian national attempting to divert the flight to Sochi.

Concerned about airline tragedies?  Of course, the odds are that you’ll be perfectly safe when flying, but some travelers find greater peace of mind in researching an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) plan.

Bloodshed in Ukraine.

The hijacker in the second airline incident appears to have been acting partially on motivation supplied by the ongoing strife in Kiev and the surrounding areas.  As of this writing, the struggle has just seen its most violent day by far, with an estimated 100 people dead as a result of the protests.  Several world leaders have entered talks with the Ukrainian government in an attempt to de-escalate the situation, and the US State Department has issued a Travel Warning asking Americans to halt all travels to the Ukraine.

Does travel insurance cover a State Department travel warning?  Learn the difference between a travel alert and a travel warning.

Find out more about the stance travel insurance companies take on terrorist activity.

Traveling Safely Alone.

InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace addressed the topic of traveling solo in his latest podcast, and provided his tips for traveling alone.  Among the things Jim touched on were finding the right travel insurance policy, enrolling in the State Department’s STEP program, and utilizing travel insurance benefits for identity theft protection and other assistance services.

If you’re a student planning to travel abroad, or the parent of a student, check out these tips for staying safe while studying abroad.

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