Travel Safely During Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season puts travelers on edge, but with these tips from Conde Nast Traveler you can travel more confidently. The article provides tips on how to plan ahead and tells travelers to consider travel insurance.

Here’s an excerpt: “Reading the specifics of the plan you buy is the only way to be sure of what’s covered and what’s not. (You can compare multiple plans from multiple providers at InsureMyTrip.)

Trip interruption insurance is helpful because severe weather elsewhere can often cause missed connections or other problems getting to your destination, even if you’re not headed into the path of the storm. (Again make sure that your specific plan works when weather is a factor.)

Be sure to buy a policy soon after you make your initial trip deposit and well in advance of departure: Often policies only cover “unforeseen” circumstances, which means you can’t buy a plan after a hurricane starts chugging toward your destination.” Read the full article here.

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