Kid Disappointed? Beat the Lines at Disney World

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Planning a trip to Disney World can feel overwhelming for parents. We rounded up some vacation pros to reveal their secrets to a stress-free vacation — that are sure to keep mom, dad, and the little one happy too.

1. Pace Yourself

Disney World is far more huge than you can imagine before you go. You can’t see and do everything and you can’t exhaust or overstimulate your kids (especially small kids) too much of it stops being fun. Pick 2-3 parks and decide your priorities (rides or shows or meeting characters) and leave space in your schedule to go to the pool or otherwise chill out every day.

Eileen Gunn, FamiliesGo!

2. Wait Till Close For Popular Rides

One of my favorite tips is that theme park attractions lines are open until park close so you can get in line up until the park close time. You can also take your time leaving the park since the shops and quick service locations remain open long after the scheduled close time.

Siera Duiser, @sieraduiser

 3. Download The App

Download the app! The app has great info, maps and real time waits for the rides. You can study up in advance to know which you’ll want Fast Pass for and use the app at the park to direct your family to rides with shorter wait times.

Tracy Louthain, Writer

 4. Florida Resident Discounts

if you know someone who is a Florida resident ask them to buy your tickets for you. Florida residents get discounts on Disney theme park tickets and resorts/hotels.

Nadeen White, Sophisticated Traveler

Princess Fairytale Hall: Rapunzel

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