Jason Leppert: Before You Book a River Cruise

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We are big fans of Jason Leppert.  With nearly 1 million YouTube views under his belt, Jason is becoming one of the world’s most popular cruising experts. His videos offer behind the scenes tours of cruise ships and his website (PopularCruising.com) posts great deals on cruise vacations.

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We managed to track Jason down before his next adventure on the high seas to ask about a buzz word that has been growing here at InsureMyTrip: River Cruising.

According to the Cruise Line International Association, river cruising is growing about 10% this year. But before you book, Jason says to consider three things to ensure smooth sailing:

Don’t expect a huge ship:  When considering river cruises, know that the vessels will be considerably smaller than ocean-going cruise ships but with spacious accommodations nonetheless.

Do expect some more perks:  River cruises generally offer guests a lot more than traditional cruises when it comes to shore excursions and Wi-Fi.

Do expect to feel less woozy:  You usually don’t have to to worry about getting seasick on a river.

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Want to learn more about Jason Leppert, Editor-in-Chief, PopularCruising.com? Here’s where you can find him:
Website: popularcruising.com

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