AdventureWomen: 5 Reasons to Travel Solo

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The travel industry estimates 30 million single women are traveling solo at least once a year.  But for many, the idea of embarking on an adventure alone can be overwhelming. But Susan Eckert, founder of AdventureWomen is trying to change that.  Her travel company organizes adventure and exotic trips for groups of women traveling solo.  In a group setting, Eckert says women have plenty of reason to not go it alone:


Traveling with a group may improve safety and decreases the likelihood of experiencing criminal activity.

Score better deals

Travel agencies can often get better rates and discounts when booking a group tour.  For example, you can often get lower airfares when booking as a group.

Special access

As a solo traveler, it might be more difficult to take part in special activities. At AdventureWomen, groups often visit schools or donate books. These activities are often hard to organize when traveling alone, says Eckert.

Explore more exotic places 

An experienced company like AdventureWomen, who has been leading groups of women for 30+ years, works with guides who know the ins and outs of a country and the best places to go. Women may miss on some of these undiscovered gems without the insight of a knowledgeable guide.

Stress less

Group travel is a great option if you want to focus on your vacation rather than the many details of planning and executing a trip. Solo travelers are left to fend for themselves when something doesn’t goes as planned, when a problem arises or even just managing the minutia of how to get where they’re going next.

In 2015, AdventureWomen is traveling to popular and emerging destinations, such as:

  • Brazil – Which is in between hosting the 2014 World Cup & 2016 summer Olympics

  • Slovenia – Known as “Europe in miniature,” it may be the next Croatia

  • Namibia – A safari to this African country known for its amazing conservation success story, especially with black rhinos, cheetahs and the desert lion

  • California – The top domestic destination for Baby Boomers, according to the AARP survey

  • Montana – Travelers will follow the footsteps of Lewis & Clark

Susan L. Eckert is the founder and president of AdventureWomen and has been leading small group adventure tours for women traveling solo to destinations around the world for more than three decades.

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