People are Interested in Cuba

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With the easing of travel restrictions, Cuba is becoming a hot travel topic. For the first time in 50 years, Congress is talking about allowing Americans unfettered access to the country. According to a recent study by the Latin Times Herald Tribune,  64 percent of Americans would support it.

With Cuba quickly gaining speed, travel sites like Kayak are now showing hotels and flights. At InsureMyTrip, travelers are also curious about what kind of travel insurance is available in the region.

So who is most interested in travel to Cuba? Our data team analyzed the latest search data from Google. Here’s what we found:

Florida, Washington D.C., and New York Residents Are Most Interested 

Trend research indicates that Florida (no surprise) is most curious about traveling to Cuba with the majority of inquiries coming from residents who live in the state closest to the island.

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Here is a list of the top 10 metro areas in the US that are searching about Cuba travel right now:

Miami FL
Orlando FL
New York NY
Washington DC
Seattle-Tacoma WA
San Francisco CA
Philadelphia PA
Boston MA
Chicago IL
Los Angeles CA

Travel in Cuba search term rose dramatically

No surprise here. Search terms on Cuba experienced growth greater than 5000% since talk of easing travel restrictions. Here are the most commonly search terms:

cuba travel restrictions
cuba vacation
cuba visa
flight to cuba
flights to cuba
havana cuba

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Search slow down?

Cuba will continue to trend. However, until Congress acts Google predicts a slow down in search activity.

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