20 Travel Bloggers Reveal Secrets to Success

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Want to become a travel blogger? Here’s some friendly advice from 20 writers on how to get started.

1. Write, write write, @julieloffredi

Write. write. write. And write some more. If you don’t like putting pen to paper, use photos or videos to capture your travel experiences.

2. Be accurate to gain respect, @bcn_exp

Accuracy is the best way to respect a culture. Write with it and you’ll gain the respect of your followers and fellow writers. Devalue it and you’ll do an injustice to both the craft of travel writing and the country you experienced.

3. Submit articles to magazines, @swifttraveldeal

Many magazines are looking for travel writers. Especially online magazines. Most will publish your articles if you subscribe to their magazine. The best way to be a great travel writer is to travel yourself and write during your travels. It is easy to write about the smell of the beach and the beauty of the ocean when it’s staring you right in the face. You should take your pen and pad with you when you travel and jot down adjectives to describe the location that you will be writing about. Writing while you are there gives you a competitive edge over a writer who is simply writing a story off research vs the real experience.

4. Find an audience, ​@AnotherTraveler 

Constant practice – ​Continue to publish articles no matter what stage you
feel you are at. The more you publish the more you put yourself out there
and continue to refine your skill and polish your work. Strive to make
your current work slightly better than your last.

5. Read blogs for inspiration, @joyjournist

Read blogs that inspire you. Their writing technique may rub off. Write daily, write often. Practice makes perfect.

6. Find your passion, @thekatielara

Write about what you love. If you’re passionate you’re going to enjoy it
and that will come through in your blog. You’re also going to have to be
unique and come up with some sort of angle to stand out because there are
so many of us out there–and a catchy name doesn’t hurt either. 

7. Share your perspective. It’s unique, @wandrlustrUSA

Becoming a great travel writer or blogger requires only two things: the
desire to see the world and the passion to share your discoveries with
others. No two people in this world think exactly the same way; so if
you write from your heart, you will naturally be able to provide others with a
unique and interesting perspective on the experiences you’ve gathered.
That’s the kind of content that readers will value, remember, and share.

8. Travel and document it, @talesfrombackrd

Live an interesting life. Go great places. Take amazing photos, Write about

9. Share your views on social media, @gypsynester

Be authentic! At first it feels at like oversharing to talk about the real
you, and perhaps it is oversharing. But immediately writing becomes
easier, more fun, and begins flowing freely. Don’t be afraid to discuss how
destinations make you feel.

10. Introduce yourself to travel companies, @MissLouMae

If a blogger would like to start writing about travel they can first start
blogging about their personal travels and experiences. Once they have a
few travel related posts bloggers can start reaching out to travel
companies to see if they offer media rates or press trips in exchange for
the blogger to write about their company on blogger’s blog and social

11. Just do it,  @localsonly_sb

If you really want to be a good writer, then write. If you want to be a
good traveler, then travel. People always talk about what they want to do,
but that is what separates the people who are actually out there doing it.
They’re the ones with the stories, not the dreams.

12. Find a focus, @Thirtysixmonths

Find a niche in the travel sector that you’re REALLY interested in, and
get ready to put in a lot unpaid time. Learn everything you can about
photography, writing, editing, and SEO. Travel bloggers are the middle men
between destinations, and their readers, and that’s a responsibility that
shouldn’t be taken lightly.

13. Start your own website, @PlanetandGo

Whether looking to keep in touch with family and friends or share your travel experiences with the world, writing a travel blog carries an amazing amount of opportunities. Find your niche, grab a domain and get started!

14. Pitch editors to find freelance writing gigs, @Andrewthechap

Pitch as many places as you can, if you don’t have any prior writing
experience to showcase, offer to write a sample post. Be sure to do your
due diligence in terms of research and keep up with world events/politics
so you don’t look silly. Expect readers to complain when your articles or
lists don’t line up with their personal experiences but this is the nature
of the beast.

15. Be patient, @dtravelsround

Don’t get into travel blogging because you want to travel for free; do it
because you love to travel and you love to write about it. Traveling for
free/going on press trips/working with companies doesn’t happen right out
of the gate. It takes a lot of hard work, talent and time.

Find your niche. What about your travel blog will set you apart from
others? Then, once you determine that, look and see what that particular
niche looks like in the travel blog world. Is it saturated? What kind of
content can you create that can set you part from others in your specific

16. Just start writing, @thetraveltart

Us travel bloggers all started with nothing. So the best piece of
advice is to ‘just start’ and things happen from there. It’s a process of
evolution, and taking numerous actions to get ‘out there’.

I started off only writing with still photos, then ventured into video and
now provide a mutlipronged social media coverage across multiple platforms.

When I first started out, I received a great piece of advice from John
Vladhides – ‘just write, and things will happen’.

17. Use visuals, @biznewsgal

Find something different. Be real. Give it a twist of humor. Have visuals.
Always happy to help a fellow reporter – let me know if there’s anything
else you need.

18. Stay true to your heart, @headedabroad

Always stay true to your heart. You will get offers that seem fishy and
do not align with what you believe in, don’t take them just because it’s
easy cash. Even if you’re just starting out.

19. Edit articles to make them stronger, @GlobalBasecamps

Be passionate, and let your fun shine through your writing. Edit, edit
edit. And everything should follow.

20. Offer a new perspective, @travelblawg

The market is saturated with destination and review travel bloggers. Try to
find a rarely tapped niche to give a new perspective to readers, and make
it something you have a personal love and stake in too.

Do you have some advice? Sound off with a comment.

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