6 Top 2014 Overseas Destinations

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InsureMyTrip provides comprehensive travel insurance plans to thousands of travelers both domestically and internationally every year. Our travelers are literally discovering every corner of the globe. But what are the most popular locations?

We crunched the numbers and identified six countries that managed to lure the most customers this past year. While the results show Europe is a big draw, we were surprised to see the top destination was right in our backyard.

6. Spain

girona cathedral in spain

The nation of Spain is the 6th most popular destination for InsureMyTrip customers purchasing travel insurance. The country has thousands of years of beauty and culture to discover, from the palaces of Madrid to the tasty tapas dishes paired with a spicy red wine. This country has something for every traveler.

5. Israel

The nation of Israel fell to number five on the list of destinations frequented by InsureMyTrip customers. It’s a mecca for three of the world’s largest religions. It is rich with culture, history and traditions that have been the birth place of many of the worlds beliefs. Whether religious or not, Israel is a part of the world that fosters learning; it’s an experience that can’t be ignored.

4. France


Ah…France. Whether walking the streets of Paris, discovering the beauty of Versailles or soaking up the sun on the southern beaches, you will find a piece of paradise in France. Try an espresso at a street side cafe. Walk the miles of priceless art in the Louve. Take in a film at the festival in Carnes. Just enjoy – that’s what France is all about. (Photo courtesy of HomeAway)

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the number three most traveled to location by InsureMyTrip customers. The United Kingdom has so much to offer, from the Irish moors to the busy streets of London. It’s the home of Shakespeare, Guinness, Harry Potter and the Royal family. You can give yourself a tour of pop culture, literature then and now or beautiful landscape.

2. Italy

Italy courtesy of HomeAway

Italy – the birth place of the Renaissance. Of course it’s number two on our list! The beauty and splendor of Italy compares to none other. Take a trip through Tuscany to sample the tastes of Northern Italy, tour the streets of Rome to experience the architecture and beauty of well-known artists, or sail the coastline to experience the Mediterranean Sea and stunning landscape. (Photo courtesy of HomeAway)

1. Mexico

Mexico City courtesy of VisitMeixico.com

We can only imagine the multitude of reasons our customers flock to Mexico, but it is the top traveled destination in 2014. The country has everything to offer their tourists. It’s an excellent place to discover a small piece of the world’s history, relax by the calm shores of the Caribbean Sea, or experience cultural festivals like Dia de Los Muertos. Whatever the reason our customers travel there, one thing is for sure: it’s a trip they will never forget.

How we got these results? The InsureMyTrip data team researched top destinations of 2014 and narrowed the pool to those who travelled internationally but did not participate in a cruise.

Have you been to any of these destinations? Sound off in the comments section below.

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