The Biggest Threat to Winter Travel Plans

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Sometimes traveling during the winter months can be so routine, we overlook important aspects of it – like travel insurance. Sure, traveling to visit family or friends over the holidays or shortly after may seem like a pretty standard trip. It’s really no reason to ignore the need to protect your travel investment.

Flights and hotels around the holidays and in the winter can be extremely expensive. Why leave the fate of your travel plans in the hands of Mother Nature? Your best bet is to consider a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

Here’s why:

Unpredictable Weather

Weather is the biggest factor during winter travel. It can affect so many aspects of your travel plans. Not only could you potentially be delayed at the start of your trip, but mid-travel can be affected too!

Luckily, a comprehensive plan includes travel delay benefits which allow for reimbursement of additional travel costs due to the delay. Plans also include a convenient 24-hour emergency assistance hot line that can help you schedule last minute arrangements if the weather affects your original plans while traveling.

With travel delays comes the potential of lost luggage. Don’t fall victim to paying for new clothes and toiletries if the airline or tour operators can’t keep track of your bag! A comprehensive plan will have baggage loss and delay benefits that will help each person on the plan pay for the essentials while they are waiting for their luggage. (Keep in mind, this is usually on a reimbursement basis.)

Winter Germs

Even when you are at home, winter germs seem to spring out of nowhere! Whether it be the flu, a sinus infection or a horrible cold, these things happen. If you or a traveling companion on your plan are told by a doctor you cannot travel due to a covered illness, the trip cancellation coverage in your plan can help to reimburse the money you have already paid for your trip.

You can try your best, but sometimes germs are inevitable – especially when you are sharing the same circulated air with 100s of other people. It’s very common for travelers to become sick while traveling. Don’t let your location dictate your medical bill! A comprehensive travel insurance plan will include emergency medical coverage, which can help to cover unexpected medical bills not covered by your primary health insurance.

Unexpected Events at Home

It’s often hard to think about the safety of your loved ones or your home when you are away. We like to think everything will just carry on perfectly while we are gone. The truth is, this rarely happens. Something always seems to go awry.

While most of these things can wait until you return home, some can’t. If something should happen, like a family member becoming injured or your home being damaged due to a storm, a comprehensive plan includes trip interruption coverage which can help you.

This benefit can help reimburse you for any pre-paid non-refundable trip costs that have not been used, like hotel charges or tour packages. It can also help to reimburse costs associated with getting you home as quickly as possible. Some plans even cover up to 150% of your trip cost, to help pay for those extra unforeseen costs.

Travel Worry-Free

Overall, a comprehensive plan is your best option for winter travel plans. It covers most common concerns of travelers, and then some. If your winter trip is unique, do your best to compare the plans and find one that will fit your needs!

Disclaimer: All the information in this article is general to comprehensive travel insurance. Each plan is different and coverage and benefits will change depending on the plan and eligibility requirements. All details are listed in the plan certificate.

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