Money Saving Tips for Travelers

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Looking to save on that next getaway? Travelers are always on the prowl for discounts and extra value when it comes to vacations. So, how can you get the biggest bang for the buck? InsureMyTrip Magazine asked travel experts for some insider tips:

Fly when its least expensive

Typically, the cheapest time of day to fly is at the times that most people do not desire to fly during, such as red eye or overnight flights with connections.

When searching for the cheapest flights, search on a Monday or Tuesday morning, after the airlines have processed demand for flights over the weekend. Book outbound and return flights on off-peak days, such as Monday through Thursday, with a Saturday night stay.

Name:  Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s SVP of Supplier Relations
Twitter: @CheapOair

Avoid hidden hotel costs

Travel Channel Expert Lori Rothschild says to ask for all the fees associated with a hotel room stay at check-in and pass on the extras like newspaper delivery or phone use.

Article: Money Saving Travel Tips, Travel Channel 

Buy snacks ahead of time

When you walk past a supermarket, head in and buy snacks right away. Supermarkets are much cheaper than convenience stores so the savings add up
fast. You also get a larger and healthier choice!

Name: Jub, travel expert
Twitter: @tikitouringkiwi

Open credit cards to get lots of miles 

Travelers can consider using a credit card to take advantage of perks and miles. For a family of four who charges $3,000 a month, Consumer Reports recommends the Capital One Venture Card (Source: CBS Pittsburgh). The Venture Card from Capital One enables travelers to earn 2x miles on every purchase. Travelers can redeem those miles for any travel-related expense, from hotel rooms to Uber rides.

Article: Consumer Reports: Top -Earning Reward Cards, CBS 

Use coupons

Scan popular coupon sites like to find deals on rental cars, restaurants, hotels or entertainment.

Name: Andrea Woroch, Consumer & Money Saving Expert
Twitter: @andreaworoch

Book mid-week hotel stay 

If you are booking a vacation destination hotel, mid-week rates are lower. If you are booking a hotel in a large city, weekend rates are lower, because the business people check out on Thursday or Friday.

When making a reservation, call the hotel direct whenever possible. They have immediate access to their inventory and will be able to make better deals.
Never accept the first rate you are quoted, keep pushing for lower rates and always ask for discounts. If you are a member of an organization like AARP, AAA or others, be sure to mention it.

Name: Liz Dahl, founder of Boomer Travel Patrol
Twitter: @boomertravelpat 

Eat street food 

My tip is to eat like a local. If you eat street food, it is cheaper and more authentic. I love to eat street food in India, Thailand and China. You meet more locals and find more interesting treats!

Name: Lisa Niver, We Said Go Travel
Twitter: @wesaidgotravelhappy

Consider vacation rental 

Vacation rental properties, like through VRBO and Airbnb, are a better value because they offer more space and amenities at the same or
lower price than comparable hotel rooms. Vacation rentals are better than hotels for carryon club members because almost all properties have a washer
and dryer, they are free, and you do not have to go down the hall or to another floor.

Name: Charles McCool, McCool Travel
Twitter: @CharlesMcCool

Visit during shoulder seasons

Money saving travel tip is to plan your adventures during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn). You’ll avoid the holiday and summer
vacation crowds and can maximize the bargains that are offered during those

Name: Brian Eagen
Twitter: @outblueprint 

Pick off-peak destination 

Getting the best rates on travel is going to depend your destination and the least expensive time of year for that destination. Going on a cruise the second week of December or hitting Disney World two weeks after Labor Day is going to net you significantly lower rates than if you go during peak times.

The same thing goes for hotels. If you are lodging over a weekend, you can get much better rates on a hotel if you stay at a location that caters to
business travelers. Since business people rarely travel over the weekends those locations are mostly empty and will drop their rates significantly to
get more people to lodge there.

Name: Paul Moyer,
Twitter: @SavingFreak

Pack light and save on baggage fees

My current favorite travel tip is to exponentiate your travel happiness by packing light and staying in vacation rental properties. Packing light,
having only carryon only bags for flights, saves you money, time, and stress.

Name: Charles McCool, McCool Travel
Twitter: @CharlesMcCool

Consider low-cost airline

A traveler should consider an ‘LCC’ (Low-Cost Carrier) – such as Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Airlines – as most likely to be the cheapest price, however, these airlines can also have added costs for baggage, carry-on luggage, meals, etc. that need to be taken into account.

Each airline has pricing structures to not only be competitive but to offer value-added products for their customers. This can impact the cost of a ticket for each carrier based on what they are offering to the consumer.

Name:  Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s SVP of Supplier Relations
Twitter: @CheapOair


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