Why You’ll Want Travel Insurance for a Trip to the Rio Olympics

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The Zika Outbreak

Brazil is not only the epicenter for international sports this August. It’s also one of the most affected countries from the Zika virus. While you cannot cancel your trip due to Zika without Cancel for Any Reason coverage, a travel insurance plan could reimburse you for covered medical expenses if you should contract Zika while abroad.

If you end up in the hospital with symptoms of Zika, many comprehensive travel insurance plans would provide secondary medical coverage – allowing reimbursement only after your primary medical insurance maxed out coverage or denied the claim. Of course, every plan is different. Knowing the difference between primary and secondary coverage will help prior to a trip overseas.

Busy Time and Political Turmoil

Traveling to or through Rio is going to be insane. Literally, people from every corner of the globe are going to be converging on this city. It may seem big now, just wait until top athletes, coaches, families, media and sports enthusiasts (plus all their luggage) are streaming through the airport and city streets. It’s about to get a lot smaller.

There will be long lines from customs to the local McDonalds, language barriers at every avenue and heightened security at every event entrance. Take all this, add an unhappy political environment, shake real well and you’ll pour out Rio in August.

A great travel insurance plan will reimburse for covered expenses due to a covered travel delay. Sure, everyone says everything should flow smoothly with transportation – but will it? Why risk it?  Although there isn’t coverage for delays due to long lines, depending on the plan, there may be coverage if weather, civil commotion or riot causes a covered delay while you’re traveling to or from your destination causing you to incur additional charges for food, transportation or hotels, etc.

Pick Pockets and Crime

Even if Rio was a picture perfect city with a majority of natives excited to see hundreds of thousands of visitors to their city, you’d still be at risk for pick pockets and general crime. Are you ready for the consequences of this while traveling?

Most travel insurance companies will provide you with a 24 hour phone line (with an international number) so you can contact them for assistance! Several of these plans also provide assistive services to help facilitate information in case of identity theft while traveling or crime such as this. Although, the local law enforcement officers should always be your first call.

Economic instability

With several reports coming out of Rio about angered locals and economic instability, a travel insurance plan that covers trip cancellation and interruption due to financial default may be a smart idea. Although this will vary per plan, generally it covers trip costs that are lost if a travel supplier ceases operation due to financial reasons, preventing you from taking or continuing your trip.

If you are traveling to the Olympics and are concerned about one of your travel suppliers possibly falling into financial default and closing, it may be wise to read the full details to see all possible coverage and travel supplier restrictions.

Tickets are expensive

As with any trip, if you are investing a lot of money that you would be upset to lose – you should insure the trip. Like any insurance plan, you hope to never use it; but it is good to have if your trip doesn’t run as smoothly as expected. Something usually comes up that makes you grumble about the added expense or lost money. A comprehensive travel insurance plan could give you peace of mind when worrying about added or lost expenses.

InsureMyTrip.com allows you to compare plans from all the top travel insurance companies. You can filter the results to focus in on what is important to you. Worried that you may need to cancel your trip because of someone who isn’t traveling with you? Would hate to add hundreds of dollars to your budget if you get delayed and need a hotel room? Need the flexibility to cancel your trip at the last minute? We have plans that address all of these. Start by finding the right travel insurance plan for your next trip.



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