Delta, Southwest Technology Issues Lead to Travel Insurance Coverage

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Have you ever played 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon? It’s the first thing I thought of when doing a little research on the recent Delta outage. I’m guessing you will know someone or will know someone who knows someone affected by the flight delays and cancellations.

To catch you up: two days ago Delta Airlines had a power outage that resulted in thousands of passengers becoming stranded and, subsequently, very frustrated. Immediately, Delta has issued $200 vouchers to all travelers. This comes only a few weeks after a similar incident happened with Southwest airlines.

One of our own employees here at InsureMyTrip is, unfortunately, experiencing these frustrations first hand as he is stranded in Charleston, SC. “I fortunately have a friend down here I am staying with,” Justin told us. “They picked me back up from the airport at 2:30 am when [Delta] finally cancelled all the flights.”

While his travel insurance plan can’t help him smooth out communication with the airline or ease his frustration with the wait to get on a flight – it, in this case, will help him cover some of the cost of extended travels. Justin said, “It will definitely be helpful. I am going to have to pay for a ride back to the airport, an extra day of parking, and meals for the day.”

With these technology breakdowns becoming more and more prevalent, the big question is – will your travel insurance plan give you any coverage? Without investigating your travel insurance plan certificate, we can’t be sure. We know you’ll want the answer to this question – that’s where we can help. Call us directly at 800.487.4722 – find more ways to contact us here.

Whether or not you’ve purchased your travel insurance plan from us, if you have access to your certificate and need clarification, we can help you do just that. Every plan and every travel insurance company is different.

Keep in mind, if you do not have a travel insurance plan, but are affected by this Delta power outage – you will not be able to buy a plan to provide coverage in regards to this incident. A travel insurance plan is always a great idea, but it will only cover travel challenges and needs AFTER the effective date.

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