How to Cope with Bad Weather

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Bad weather can cause havoc on travel plans. In fact, its one of the top reasons why travelers purchase travel insurance. A nasty storm can often lead to airline delays and cancellations, traffic jams, and just put a damper on a vacation. While there is no way to prevent mother nature’s wrath, there are some tools travelers can use to help cope with travel hiccups:

Plan in advance 

Smart travelers should think in advance of contingency plans in the event weather affects travel plans. Here’s some top questions to think about:

  • What will I do if my plane is delayed or cancelled?
  • If a bad storm rolls in, will I cancel or reschedule the trip?
  • Can I hit the road at an alternate time to avoid a storm?
  • What is the cancellation policy for hotels or car rentals?

Download apps

Smartphones can really help travelers best navigate during a storm. Here’s some top apps to download and websites to visit:

Waze: helps drivers avoid traffic jams, provides alternate routes shows real-time weather forecasts provides up-to-the-minute flight tracking

CNN: for updates on travel-related news that could affect your plans

Also, download the app for the airline you are flying on to receive instant updates on delays and options for rebooking in the event a flight is cancelled.

Get travel insurance 

Especially for travelers planning trips during winter storm or hurricane season, contact a licensed travel insurance agent for advice on what plan provides the most protection. Here are some scenarios that you may want to discuss prior to making a purchase:

  • Flight delay due to weather
  • Trip cancellation due to weather

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