Bracing for a Winter Storm

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Sometimes travel is unavoidable during the harsh winter months. When a storm approaches, what should travelers do? Here’s some tips from the team at InsureMyTrip.

Track weather

Central Park, Manahttan
Central Park, Manhattan

Keep tabs on weather conditions ahead of your travels. Be sure to watch storm conditions for both departure and destination cities. The more aware you are of potential problems ahead, the better off you’ll be.

Drive with caution

Car Driving on Remote Appalachian Highway in Fall

Forced to drive during a harsh storm? A few suggestions:

1.Drive during the day (it may be safer and easier to see the roads).
2.Bring along a travel safety kit.
3.Consider getting a tune-up before hitting the road.
4.Invest in a good set of snow tires. It can also help improve a vehicle’s overall stability and performance on slick roads.

And, if you don’t have a AAA membership, now may be a good time to consider joining the club in order to take advantage of their roadside assistance, battery service and fuel delivery.

Check airport wait times


Example: update on wait times from TSA website

Winter storms can cause havoc at airports, but travelers can at least get a heads up on security wait times prior to arrival by visiting the TSA website or downloading the app. While TSA always encourages passengers to arrive at the airport way ahead of their departure times, its good to always know what to anticipate for wait times. Be aware these average wait times are reported by travelers and may not always be accurate.

Another tip? Check twitter to find whether any travelers are sounding off about delays or any other travel problems by searching your three-digit airport code.

Research airport conditions

Example: airport status information from FAA website

The Federal Aviation Administration can force airlines to delay flights due to bad weather conditions. To view the latest delays and cancellations due to weather, check

Pack right


Packing is an important part of winter travel. While the obvious is to pack a warm coat and jacket, it may be a good idea to pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on — just in case mother nature forces your trip to take an unexpected turn and you need to crash at an airport hotel following an overnight flight delay. Also, be sure to bring along any medicine or needed toiletries.

Consider alternatives

If you are considering booking a trip, come up with a list of alternative destinations in the event winter weather prevents you from going on your trip. Better yet, go somewhere tropical.

Check your insurance policy


Finally, it is always a good idea to take a look at your policy to learn whether you’ll be covered in the event you’d like to cancel a trip due to a winter storm.  Also check the travel delay, delayed baggage and trip interruption benefits. If you aren’t sure, contact a travel expert at InsureMyTrip for help.

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