Our Favorite New Year Travel Resolutions

Why not make some resolutions to become a better traveler?

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The New Year is always greeted by the hope and promise of being a better person in the year ahead. Why not make some resolutions to become a better traveler?

Here is a look at my 5 New Year travel resolutions.

No sweatpants on flights.


When we walk into Walmart and see people in their pajamas, we get a little judgmental.  The same can be said for people flying in sweatpants.  I get it, the glamour of traveling by plane died in the 70’s, when the lounge atmosphere and cocktail bars were replaced by 4-seat rows, minimal leg room, and fold down trays.  But we could all make an effort to put real pants on.

One carry-on bag with no other luggage.


I’m a man, which automatically makes this easier. I don’t have to pack 4 pairs of shoes, multiple outfits per day, hair straighteners, make up kits and so forth. With new rules for overhead bin use, including discounted tickets for not using the space, it only makes sense to strive to minimize my bag use.

Uber more.


Nothing against taxis, but Uber is awesome. The costs are better, the experience is more fun, the drivers are local and prone to chat you up on exciting things to do in the area. Bonus: the app is super easy to use.

Ignore the Concierge.


This guy is in someone else’s pocket. Where should I eat? What should I see? Honestly, I have a phone and could figure this out on my own! This guy is going to steer me to easy answers, and possible ones that put a little extra kick-back in his pocket. When in doubt, ask the Uber driver.

No crap gifts.


I’m guilty of this. Souvenir shops are horrible, yet I can’t stay away. I really shouldn’t buy gifts here.  A bottle opener from Vegas, for someone not on the trip? A pint glass that breaks in my carry-on bag? How many magnets does mom really need for her fridge? There’s better ways to share a memory than a pen with a funny cap.

How will you travel better in 2017?  Share in our comments.

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  1. I stopped purchasing souvenirs a LONG time ago. These days, if I buy any, it might be post cards which I can scrapbook. The souvenirs I still appreciate – my Hampton Court stuffed bunnies I purchased on my first trip to England in 2000; stuffed animals representing some location I loved (a Texas Longhorn, Polar the Titanic bear, etc.) are still beloved items in my collection, as are at the time rare histories I found in England. A lot of other junk, who knows! You learn, after time, to wean yourself…. I use UBER and LYFT a LOT, in my hometown and when I travel. I research their sites to see which cities offer them – and if they can go to an airport or cruise port. That’s crucial! In fact, I’ve already budgeted to use them on an upcoming cruise: MIA to my hotel, my hotel to Port of Miami, and then the port up to Fort Lauderdale!…A carry-on with no other luggage? Not going to happen! LOL For a weekend trip I might have, but a single carry-on bag for a cruise, especially if they have formal nights? I know there are Pinterest pins claiming it can be done. I’ve tried all variations from packing cubes to rolling. Pinterest FAIL! LOL I’ll fly Southwest and get 2 free checked bags, or use my airline card and get 1 free checked bag. As for United and their new policy – that’s another post for another day….I can’t recall the last time I used a concierge, but I do so much pre-planning. I already have everything researched and have made reservations at restaurants I want to try out. I think the last time I used one, he got me upgraded to a nicer room (no extra charge) because I was celebrating my birthday….I started flying in the early 80’s. I still remember being in economy and getting a REAL breakfast during the flight! While I dress comfortable but nice when I fly because for me, personally, that’s just how I am, I don’t know if we’ll see an end to sweatpants on flights! At this point in my life, as long as no one boards wearing their pajamas I’ll try to deal with it….What would be my favorite New Year’s 2017 travel resolution? NO MORE HUB CITIES unless completely necessary, especially when the airline tries to squeeze you into a 30-45 minute layover between connections! Second resolution: more healthy restaurants at airports. It can be done. I dined at one at Denver International: great fresh, natural or organic food; great service; plugs at EVERY table or booth! 😀

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