There are Only 2 Types of Family Winter Vacations

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Planning a winter vacation for the family?
Great news! There’s only two types of vacations to choose from.

1. Embracing winter

2. Running away from winter

It’s simple, just dedicate yourself to a choice. Of course, that may be easier said than done.  Let’s look at the options for each direction.

Embracing winter.

The snow, the cold, and the adventure! Winter is the perfect time to take to the slopes. Whether skiing, snow tubing, cross-country skiing, or snow shoeing, winter has a menu of options for those families in love with outdoor activities.

Here are three options for embracing winter:

Galactic Snow tubing at Camelback 


The day light is short, but that means more time to explore winter nights under the lights of a snow tube park. Camelback in the Poconos just happens to be the biggest in America. The 42 lightning fast lanes and a brand new Basecamp Lodge are only the beginning! At night, the lights come up snow tubers are treated to an out of this world experience.

Visit an Ice Castle 


It doesn’t get more wintry than a trip to an ice castle! The walls are ice, the floor is snow, and the lights look as though they were stolen from the aurora borealis. Ice Castles, LLC is a Utah-based entertainment company that specializes in large-scale events handcrafted from ice.  From Utah to New Hampshire, they have constructed structures Elsa could only dream of making!

Kidtopia at Keystone Resort 


Kidtopia is a winter festival designed as a fun-filled, kid-friendly experience that the whole family can enjoy!  The event is home to the world’s largest snow fort, live music, arts and crafts, tubing and free cookies at the ice rink. Of course you can still hit the slopes too!

Running away from winter.

But if the idea of the cold chills you to the bone and you prefer beach shovels over snow shovels, here are three options for running away from winter:

Sanibel Island 


Yes, Florida. It’s not just the land of the mouse, and people have been dodging winter there for decades. Sanibel is home to beautiful beaches, peppered with seashells. Slow down, take a barefoot stroll with the kids, and collect a bucket of memories.  Maybe build a sand castle instead of a snow fort.

The San Diego Zoo


It’s been voted the #1 zoo in the world! There’s so much to do, from an animal experience, to the Skyfari aerial tram, this zoo is amazing. Like to get up close and personal with animals? The Exclusive VIP Experience is your key to off-exhibit areas, animal interactions, and the very best in personalized service.

Atlantis Paradise Island


Because the Bahamas is about as anti-winter a place you can find, Atlantis is the perfect spot to hide from the winter doldrums. This ocean-themed resort features a variety of accommodations built around Aqua-venture, including a 141-acre waterscape, fresh and saltwater lagoons, pools, marine habitats, water slides and river rides.

No matter what you plan, make the most out of your vacation!

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