Three People Who Need to River Cruise


River cruising is an experience warranting a label as something more than just another vacation.  As you plan your trips, ask yourself: Am I one of these three types of people who should highly consider making the transition to river cruising?

Traditional big boat cruisers looking for something new.


I’ve heard it said that after years of cruising, the ports begin to look the same. Beautiful beaches, small shops, and little bars all seem to blend together in time.  Was that photo from Antigua or Barbados?

River cruising may be the perfect remedy. You’ll have a distinct and clear change of scenery.  You’ll still eat well, sun yourself on the deck, and experience the local flavors along your way; yet you’ll have clearly unique and new destinations to add to your list of favorite itineraries.  True, those sandy beaches of the Caribbean have their flare, but have you seen the sun set on the Rhine? While ocean cruises often include a day or two spent at sea, sailing on the river allows you to move by night, so you’ll constantly wake to a new city.

Those who want to see Europe without backpacking.


With a day in each port, river cruising offers the “highlight reel” to Europe. As you take advantage of all the excursions, you’ll be busy experiencing the beauty and tastes of Europe without catching flights, trains or taxis. It’s similar to big boat cruising, with multiple destinations waiting just outside your cabin door. However, cruising the rivers of Europe allows for a true European vacation.

People who long for luxurious experiences.


Remember the travel posters from the 50’s and 60’s? The mystique, beauty and elegance of faraway lands? That has not been lost with river cruising. The boats are more intimate, the meals more gourmet. It’s what you thought travel would be like as a child: white glove service, pristine views and an experience leaving you feeling more like a movie star than a tourist. (Photo Credit: Viking)

Which one are you? Leave a comment and let us know!

4 comments on “Three People Who Need to River Cruise”

  1. I’m a combination of the types. Ocean cruise ships keep getting larger and ports do start to look the same. With one day in port, your experiences are limited. If I never see another Carnival cruise ship, it will be too soon! I don’t require luxurious, but I do like comfort and more intimate settings. A land tour combined with a river cruise in Europe is excellent way to see places you’ve dreamt of but don’t need to spend extended periods. You get a sample and can then decide for later trip, where you want to explore more. Recently traveled the Danube with Gate1 after, land tour of Warsaw, Krakow & Prague, and were very pleased. Shared the ship with another 135 passengers and a very attentive crew. Met a lot of wonderful people, formed friendships because with that intimate setting you get to really know people. We were a varied group from different backgrounds but blended well. Crew were warm, attentive, friendly and greeted you by name. Would highly recommend.

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