Must See European River Cruise Stops!

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River cruising allows for deep cultural immersions, and is a great way to see European lifestyles and experience warm villages and native flavors. Sure, Paris is a gem of a destination, but you won’t find it on this list.  We’re sharing the diamonds buried in common river cruising itineraries.



The birthplace of Beethoven, walk the streets and see the sites that influenced one of the greatest composers in recorded history. More recently, it was the former capital of West Germany.



Fill your lungs with sweet German air, and your belly with tasty German beers! Beer gardens, theater, cobblestones and medieval flare. Heidelberg begs to be explored.



First, it’s fun to say! Boppard, once a Roman fort, is home to beautiful churches, castles, and winding hiking trails. It’s easy to lose yourself in the culture, so be sure you remind yourself to make your way back to the boat.

The “Champagne” region.


Champagne, flowing from the beauty of its namesake.  A region so deep with pride, it challenges other regions to compete with their products. An opportunity to visit should not be passed over.

Giverny and Rouen.


The gardens and museums of Monet are only a slice of what makes Giverny so special. A day in Rouen allows for deeper connections to World War II and the beaches of Normandy. Spend time with both, and you’ll have memories forever.

Ready to go?  Let’s learn what you’ll need to pack. 

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