Ending the Winter Doldrums: A “Boy’s Weekend” in the Mountains

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I’m not a winter guy. I’ve said there are only two types of winter vacations, and I prefer the warmer options! However, I may know the secret to ending winter doldrums: snowmobiling and best friends.


We rented a house in the White Mountains, packed up the trucks, and trekked out to find the cure to winter fatigue. We stayed in a rental house with 4 bedrooms and a wood stove, a fridge full of meat and cheeses, cracked a few beers, and laughed ourselves to sleep.

But the highlight of the trip was the full day spent snowmobiling Franconia Notch with Sled Ventures out of Lincoln New Hampshire.  They supply all the gear, train you on using the sled, and guide you on a beautiful tour of the region.


We found a great deal for our tour on Groupon. I highly recommend Groupon to anyone exploring activities and experiences for vacations.

19 of us suited up and hit the powder.  Snowmobiling is fantastic. We headed out to the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. We wove in and out of various trails, met other snowmobilers, crossed over the Appalachian Trail, and raced each other on frozen ponds.


Next we were on to Franconia Notch, once home to New Hampshire’s legendary state icon ‘The Old Man of the Mountains’ and still home to beautiful natural sights and the vistas of Lafayette Mountain.

I thought I would be cold. I wasn’t. In fact, I felt like I may have overdressed.  I was in way too many layers, and the suit and helmet only further kept in the heat.  We had heated handlebars too, which sounded silly until used. I’m sure the bartender at the after party wished we had worn less layers, as I’m sure 19 sweaty guys perched at her bar did not improve her evening in any way.


But sweaty or not, we had to go to Moat Mountain Smoke House and Brewing Company. It’s the best barbecue in the mountains, and home to some tasty micro-brew. It’s over in North Conway, which is a must experience for anyone headed to New Hampshire. In fact, we closed the weekend at a condo in Bartlett, just on the outskirts of North Conway. It was a welcomed nights rest to end a long weekend.

If you find yourself looking winter excitement, look no further than snowmobiling.

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