Most Common Cruise Problems

Cruise Problems – Most Common Issues & Complaints


The latest poll from InsureMyTrip reveals that a vast majority of cruisers have experienced some kind of travel itinerary disruption during a trip. The most common cruise problems included bad weather and medical issues. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Getting Sick or Injured, Weather Tops Concerns

Cruisers are more concerned about an illness or injury affecting a trip than they are about bad weather or terrorism. Nearly half polled (49%) worried most about a family member or themselves getting sick or injured and 26% were most concerned about bad weather affecting a cruise.

2. An Unexpected Itinerary is Common

Forty-six polled stated they experienced a change in a cruise itinerary during a past trip. Twenty-six percent also experienced seasickness or a stomach illness during a voyage.

Despite disruptions and inconveniences, cruisers are generally pleased with their overall experience. Sixty-two polled stated a cruise always met their expectations.

3. Itinerary is Deciding Factor when Choosing a Cruise

The cruise itinerary is the top reason why travelers choose to book a particular cruise.

59%  Cruise itinerary
15%  Reputation or reviews
14%  Price
4%   Activities and excursions
3%   Food

4. Medical Issues & Trip Cancellations Top Claims

Travelers who voluntarily participated in this survey had all researched or purchased travel insurance within the past 24 months. Out of those polled, 25% had filed a travel insurance claim for a cruise problem or cruise-related issue. Here are the top reasons for filing a claim:

  1. Medical care required during cruise
  2. Medical issue forced trip cancellation
  3. Bad weather forced delay or cancellation of cruise
  4. Missed flight led to delay or cancellation of cruise
  5. Items stolen or lost during trip

5. Many Unclear Whether on Domestic Health Insurance Abroad

A surprising number of cruisers are unclear whether their domestic health insurance works outside the US. Over thirty-six percent polled were not sure whether their domestic health insurance plan would cover any doctor or hospital visits while traveling out of the country.

Thirty-five percent said their domestic health insurance would provide coverage, while twenty-eight percent believed their insurance plan would offer no coverage.

6. River Cruising Gains More Speed

Eighty-two percent of those polled have either been on a river cruise or would like to go on a river cruise. Seven percent have no desire to go while 11% prefer larger cruise ships.

7. Caribbean & Europe are Hottest Destinations

The Caribbean and Europe are tied as the most popular cruise destination while 10% chose Alaska as a top place to visit.

35% Caribbean
35% Europe
11% Alaska
17% Other

8. Carnival Tops Cruise Lines

Based on travel insurance purchases so far in 2017, Carnival Cruise Line is the top cruise line.

  1. Carnival Cruise Lines
  2. Royal Caribbean International
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line
  4. Celebrity Cruises
  5. Holland America Line
  6. Princess Cruises
  7. Disney Cruise Line
  8. MSC Cruises

Worried about issues on your cruise? Cruise travel insurance offers coverage for the unexpected on your trip, including health problems, delays, cancellations, and itinerary changes. InsureMyTrip provides a variety of policy options and benefits for cruisers.

What do you think about these poll results? Sound off in the comments below and tell us about your cruise problems, concerns, and wins!

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  1. Still trying to figure out how Carnival can top the list! I took six cruises on four different ships before throwing in the life preserver. My letter to them garnered a simple apology that I didn’t enjoy my Carnival cruise (which one?!) and an offer of a free gift waiting for me on my next Carnival cruise! No thanks – I don’t need another key chain! My last Carnival cruise was my LAST Carnival cruise! (By the way, I have cruised over 30 times on numerous cruise lines and Carnival does not compare!)

  2. The survey also needs to include luxury cruise /all inclusive companies. You indicated carnival as the top cruise company. Had my worst cruise ever with this company. Customer satisfaction would also be a good category to include. ” the biggest ain’t necessarily the best”.

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