The Magic of Disney On the Water

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Disney Cruises: Everything you need to know.

You may have been thinking about taking a Disney Cruise for a while.  Have you taken Disney park vacations and want to stay with the Disney experience but try something different? Maybe you are an avid cruiser looking to try the Disney cruise line this time around?  No matter what group you fall into we all are aware that Disney does so many things right it makes sense that the Disney cruise will be nothing less than magical.

Dining on a Disney cruise

The Disney dining experience is amazing and all included in the cost of your cruise fare.  You have the option for upgrading to specialty dining but if you stick with the main dining rooms each night you will not be disappointed.  


If you have been on cruises before you know that you may have to sit with other families while dining.  If you don’t like the sound of that then call Disney cruise line as soon as possible so they can note your reservation.  This will not guarantee your request is honored, you will have to check with the main dining room once you board the ship to see what size table you were assigned.  They will try to accommodate your request for a table just the right size for your family but have an open mind.  Disney tries to put ‘like” families or couples together.  You may have a lot to talk about and may make some good friends.

Specialty Dining Option

I know, right above I said dining in the main rooms will not let you down however, on some Disney cruises you may dine in the same dining room more than once.  If you want a different dining experience every night of the cruise or if you would like some adult only time, then I would suggest choosing one of those nights to reserve your seats at Disney’s specialty dining restaurant.

What is there to do on a Disney cruise?

There is something to do every hour of the day.  Each night, you will receive a schedule for the following day’s activities.  There are actually a few different activity lists.  One list for families, one for adults, one for each of the kids clubs.  I did not have an issue finding something to do while on a Disney ship instead, there were multiple things going on at the same time I was interested in and I had to decide which one I wanted more.

Some activities include bingo, poolside games, character meet & greets, mixology classes, how to make paper airplanes, Broadway shows, movies in the theater, and so many more.   The activity I needed more of was relaxing.  Just like the Disney parks, you can meet and greet characters.  This is an exciting part of the day especially for the children.  Lines will form, they will be long but the interaction with the characters will be worth the wait.


This is a family vacation right?

If you booked a Disney cruise for quality family time you may be disappointed.  There are so many things for all ages to do on board you may not see your family as much as you hoped.  I found that the kids tend to go with the kids club on the Disney ships more than other cruise lines.  

During our cruise we had a family rule – eat breakfast & dinner as a family then we will go to the nightly show together.  We were able to dine together but most nights the kids club activities were more important than the broadway shows.  After all the kids are on vacation too and after hearing the experiences they were having I am glad I let them go with the kids club.

This experience did make me rethink what a Disney cruise is.  It’s time for the whole family to have a fun vacation.  The children make friends and make their own memories.  They participate in kids club activities allowing the parents have time to be adults. On the days the ship is in port you come together as a family and there you have the family time that you were waiting for.  

It took me a few days to realize this.  Once I did, I booked another Disney cruise while on board and by knowing what to expect I had a much better, less stressful vacation.


What to bring on your Disney cruise

My main tip I can give is to bring an instant camera & extra film. You never know who you may bump into while walking around the ship. There are meet and greets for characters.  How cool would it be to take a polaroid and have the disney character sign it.  What a time saver.  Your photobook half done – Photo and autograph are in one place already.  Now all you have to do is put it into your favorite photo album or scrapbook.

Other things include sunscreen, bug spray, aloe, dollar bills for the marketplaces in port and for help with your luggage at the airport, an empty carry-on for souvenirs, towel clips for your chair at the pool so your towel doesn’t fly away with the wind while at sea, formal wear if your cruise has a formal night, an underwater camera and of course a couple of bandanas for pirate night.

Should you go on a Disney cruise?

Yes. Give it a try.  Go on the cruise knowing it is a vacation for all.  Let the kids go and have fun.  While they are having the vacation of a lifetime, you can enjoy your vacation, making memories of your own.  There will be family time but not 100% of the time like some would expect.


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