Protect Your Disney Family Memories with Travel Insurance

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A family trip to Disney World is going to create memories that last a lifetime, especially the first one. From the first steps on Main Street to the fireworks show on the last night, you’ll want to soak up every single minute.

Unfortunately, not every trip to Disney is blemish-free. Things happen that threaten to change your memories from that bubble of happiness to a sad, frustrating five days in Florida. Having travel insurance as a safety net won’t prevent hiccups in your travel plans, but it can prevent from stressing about the money you’ll have to spend on them.

Disney Cost Infographic from HipMunkDo you know why travel insurance is important for a trip to Disney? Hipmunk reported that in 2016 a family of four would spend, on average, $3,826 on a trip to Disney World. This amount includes a stay on property, the flights to Florida, a meal plan and extra snacks in the parks. What families don’t plan for is the possibility of lost or delayed luggage, travel delays during a connecting flight, or medical bills for a sick child at an out-of-network hospital. With the right travel insurance plan, you and your family may be covered from this unexpected events.

Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”. You want to remember the laughter and screams of joy on Thunder Mountain and the hugs from Mickey and Minnie. You don’t want to remember or dwell on the unexpected aspects of the trip that may affect your budget. A travel insurance plan from InsureMyTrip means less stress over mishaps on the trip so you can focus on what’s really important – making family memories.


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