Bonjour Mickey! A Look at International Disney Locations

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Millions of people have passed through the gates of Disney World and Disneyland. Often times, people return time and time again! But what about those travelers looking for something different, yet oddly familiar? An international Disney vacation may be the perfect fit!

Kon’nichiwa, Tokyo Disney Resort


Disney’s first international venture, Tokyo Disney opened in 1983. Disney park lovers will feel at home as they walk past the Flying Dumbo ride, or board a raft at the Pirates of the Caribbean. Be sure to spend time in Ikspiari, the Japanese equivalent of Downtown Disney complexes at Disneyland or Disney Springs at Disney World. For a new spin on Cinderella, visit her Japanese home, where her story is presented though the eyes and interpretations of Japanese culture.

Bonjour, Disneyland Paris


This may be the year to go to Disneyland Paris! It is their 25th Anniversary, and they have a year packed with deals and events! Star Wars fans will be happy to hear of multiple Jedi and Sith themed attractions, including a mission themed ride and a Star Wars takeover of the French version of Space Mountain. For those more interested in Paris fashion, head over to Val d’Europe, a shopping center with a variety of shops and stores.

Neih hou, Hong Kong Disneyland


Engage with cast members, who often speak a variety of Cantonese, English, and Mandarin dialects. Chinese culture, customs, and traditions when incorporated when building this resort. In fact the culture was so influential, designers built with Feng Shui in mind. It has been said that a bend was put in a walkway near the entrance so good qi energy wouldn’t fall into the South China Sea. There are plenty of hidden Mickey’s to find throughout the park, and a visit to Mystic Point, a rain forest of supernatural relevancy, should definitely be on your must-see list!

Nín Hǎo, Shanghai Disney Resort


First you must know, this is a PEPSI resort. The contract was awarded to Pepsi in 2014, making Shanghai the first Disney property to not serve Coca-Cola products. You’ll need to spend time at the Enchanted Storybook Castle. Nope, this isn’t dedicated to just one princess, but all! Also, this is the largest castle in the Disney universe. From the 4-story majestic turrets to the radiance of its glistening Crystal Grotto, you’ll want to pop in and discover all the magic waiting inside.


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