Hurricane Irma Affects East Coast Travelers

Travel concerns related to Hurricane Irma? Protect any unexpected expenses, delays or cancellations because of the storm.

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Many travelers, even those who regularly buy travel insurance, don’t realize the importance of a named storm for their coverage. While most plans have extreme weather (such as tropical storms and hurricanes) on their list of covered reasons for a trip delay, trip interruption or cancellation; there are stipulations.

If you purchase your plan before a storm being named, you should be covered for any travel concerns that arise due to that storm. However, once a storm is named (whether it’s a tropical storm or a hurricane) you are no longer eligible to purchase coverage for travel concerns due to that storm.

Why Purchase Travel Insurance Now?

If Hurricane Irma may not affect your trip, we do still recommend you purchase a travel insurance plan. Even if a plan doesn’t cover you for travel concerns related to Hurricane Irma, a plan can protect you from unexpected expenses because of fears unrelated to the storm.

And if you aren’t traveling over the next two weeks, you may want to keep in mind Hurricane Season doesn’t officially end until November 30th. The next storm could affect your trip, so purchase your plan before it’s named!

Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

It is your best bet as a traveler after a storm has been named. Of course, this is particularly tricky, because Cancel for Any Reason is only available within a small window of time after your first trip deposit. Not many travelers seeking travel insurance in the shadow of Hurricane Irma will qualify.

This contingency highlights the importance of purchasing a plan as soon as possible after your first payment toward your trip. If you are unsure about what is best for your trip being affected by Hurricane Irma, please contact us to talk to a licensed travel insurance representative today.

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