The ONLY Holiday Travel Tip You Need!

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The holidays are often filled with travel delays and horror stories about having to sleep at the airport. But why? Don’t we, as a society, learn from past travel mistakes? Do we have such a short memory span where we block out the news reports, images, and YouTube videos of holiday revelers sleeping under makeshift forts at airport gates?

Holiday Travel Tip: You don’t have to sleep at the airport.

You don’t have to sleep at the airport.

Unless that is what you’re into. You just need to think ahead.

When you’re huddled together, sleeping under your jacket and cursing the world, you’ll wish you thought about travel insurance. See, if your flight is delayed for any covered reason (listed in the plan’s certificate and vary by plan), you are eligible for reimbursement for covered expenses due to that delay. What does that mean to you? The soft mattress and hot shower offered by the area hotel.

It’s really that simple. Call the travel insurance company’s 24-hour assistance phone number, let them help find you a hotel within the coverage limit of your plan, and away you go. Remember, you will have to put in a claim for reimbursement for the hotel, food and necessary toiletries needed. Just remember to save all your receipts!

So as you book your holiday travel, search Pinterest for new recipes, and search Amazon for Black Friday deals, don’t forget to visit InsureMyTrip and find the right travel insurance plan for your holiday trip.

Just in case you ARE into sleeping in the airport, here is a video just for you.

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