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Did 2017 Leave You with Travel Questions?

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To say that the year has been a roller coaster of travel mishaps and issues would be an understatement. Every month brought a new dilemma, and our customers found themselves asking questions about all the “what-ifs” their travels faced. We’ve collected a few of the most frequent questions we received in 2017, and the answers as well.

With all the natural disaster affecting the United States this year, would travel insurance help me if something happened to my home before an upcoming trip?

Wave Ravaged Pier
“A very large storm at the Pacific Ocean, with very large waves hitting a pier a couple hundred yards long. The pier is approximately 30 feet tall (~10 meters) above normal sea level, so waves pictured are approximately 40 feet tall. Slightly hued blue.”

Most comprehensive travel insurance policies carry a little-known benefit that covers future flights, cruises, tours, etc. if your primary residence is destroyed or rendered inaccessible.

“It allows you to cancel your trip and get your money back if your home is damaged bad enough that you have to stay home and make repairs,” said Julie Loffredi, our travel editor at InsureMyTrip.

This likely would apply to people who lost homes this year in Northern California’s deadly wildfires or in recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Is Europe still a safe destination?


The answer is simple. It’s the safest it’s been in decades. America is deeply rooted in European ancestry, heritage, and history. While the headlines can be frightening, the European Union is still the safest it has been in modern history. You can learn more about why this is true by reading our blog on the subject.

When it comes to hurricanes, what is the cutoff point for travel insurance?


Once a storm starts forming, it is deemed a “foreseeable event,” and if you do not have insurance coverage before that time, you will not be covered if the storm threatens, interrupts or disrupts travel plans. When it comes to insuring a trip against the potential disruptions a hurricane brings, it is best to purchase a travel insurance plan as soon as you make your first payment towards any part of your trip. You can find more helpful information in the article How Does Travel Insurance Apply to Named Storms?

Disney isn’t an International destination, but is it an insurable trip?  

Guests Flaunt for Gaston at New Fantasyland
Everyone’s favorite guy in New Fantasyland, Gaston admires how Magic Kingdom guests have biceps to spare. Often adoring a fountain of himself, this man among men can be spotted by guests walking through the village near Gaston’s Tavern. Part of New Fantasyland, Gaston’s Tavern is located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

After a quick call with Disney’s reservations representatives, you’ll gain a  better understanding of what’s refundable and time frames of acceptable changes or cancellations. Even though this is a domestic trip, you’ll see the value in travel insurance.  However, make sure you calculate the insurable costs correctly.

When you’re making decisions about something as important as insurance, remember that InsureMyTrip is here to help. Our licensed travel insurance experts are here to answer your questions, and to help you find the right plan for your trip.

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