I Received a Trip for Christmas! Can I Insure It?

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The holidays have come and gone, and for some fortunate readers, the biggest gift under their tree was an upcoming cruise or vacation! The past week has been filled with calls and emails asking one simple question:

“I received a cruise for Christmas, can I insure this?”

Luckily our licensed travel insurance experts are here to help!

First, you need to know what you’re looking to insure!

While you can purchase travel medical insurance as a stand-alone plan, it is also often included in comprehensive travel insurance plans. Comprehensive plans will also offer more options for delays, baggage troubles, and cancellation woes.

But can you buy a comprehensive plan when you were not the one to pay the trip cost?

One of our Customer Care Center representatives explains, “There are options for gifted travel that include a ‘zero dollar’ trip cost. That can be explored, but travelers need to remember that someone paid for this trip and if it came down to canceling, they might not just be disappointed that their loved one was not able to go, but also as out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in losses.”

She continued, “It may be wise to talk with them about insuring the value of the trip to protect their gift from being lost to poor weather or an unforeseen event like sickness or injury.”

Let’s not forget the headaches Irma, Harvey, and Jose brought to the Caribbean area, and to cruise lines and resorts operating in the region. No one saw that coming in January. Now passengers were reimbursed, whether through the cruise lines voucher program or in some rarely seen cases they were paid back in cash. However, travelers still had to recoup airline costs, hotel fees, rental cars and pre-paid excursions as needed. All of this is something travel insurance could have helped to handle.

As you shop for the right travel insurance plan, you’ll need to know some details of the trip, like departure and arrival dates. When quoting plans, you’ll be asked for the initial trip payment date, or the date that money was placed towards any aspect of the trip. For your cruise, use the booking date.

If you’re uncomfortable with asking the value, or you’re not concerned with potential lost costs, a ‘zero trip cost’ plan may still offer you the baggage, medical and delay coverage you may need for your trip.

“Someone went all out to give you a very magical gift, with the good intentions that everything will go as planned. However, we know that may not always be the case. Travel insurance should be your next move. With the gift being worth what it is, what’re a few extra dollars to insure the trip?” our representative noted.

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