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Airline Quality Ratings for 2018 are the Highest Ever

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Each year, a statistical analysis of the major airlines operating in the United States is released based on customer complaints filed with the Department of Transportation. Four areas are included in the report: on-time arrivals, involuntary denied boardings, mishandled baggage, and customer complaints. 

Regardless of what you might have heard about the reputation of a particular airline by word-of-mouth, these statistics allow you to compare across airlines and over time. The past year saw improvements for the airline industry as a whole, with the overall quality rating score improving to a level not seen in the 27 years that the Airline Quality Rating report has been published.

Rankings for the top twelve airlines
Source: Airline Quality Rating https://airlinequalityrating.com/

Statistics are one thing, but how does this pertain to you and your travel plans? One word: luggage.

In 2017, the overall industry rate was 2.46 bags mishandled per 1,000 passengers. While this rate is lower than in 2016, it still represents a large number of mishandled bags. What does “mishandled” mean? Typically, this refers to when a bag was delayed, damaged or even lost permanently. This is why we recommend travel insurance for all your trips with flights.  

With a comprehensive policy, you can be reimbursed for items you have to purchase as a result of a delayed bag provided the delay meets the terms of the policy. If a bag is lost entirely or damaged, a comprehensive travel insurance plan would provide coverage secondary to what the airline may provide for compensation. Having travel insurance can help you travel worry-free, even if your bag doesn’t appear on the carousel.

You can view the complete report at https://airlinequalityrating.com/

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