Plan a Hawaiian Cruise

How to Plan a Hawaiian Cruise

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A Guide to the Best Hawaiian Island Cruise Vacation

If you’re looking to take a cruise to a tropical destination, look no further than the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Hawaiian cruises take you to around the major islands of Maui, Kona, and Honolulu. Some cruise lines also include additional islands and even offer interisland packages. Each of the islands offers scenic waterfalls and luxurious beaches. When most people think about taking a tropical cruise, they set their sights on various locations in the Caribbean. However, those looking to set sail should certainly consider cruising the scenic Hawaiian islands. Keep these things in mind when you plan a Hawaiian cruise for yourself or your family.

Hawaiian Cruise Ports & Departure Locations

There are several ports that you can consider when planning a Hawaiian cruise tour. Many travelers wonder “can you cruise to Hawaii?” US departure ports commonly include Los Angeles, Ft Lauderdale, and Seattle. Additionally, some Hawaiian cruises depart from Canadian ports, like Vancouver. Cruises that depart from Hawaii itself, like those leaving from Honolulu, take cruisers around the various scenic islands. The most common Hawaiian island destinations include Kona, Hilo, Maui, and Kauai. The departure ports usually depend on the cruise line itself. It’s always best to look into the departure ports for the cruise line you are considering. The vacation packages provided by several Hawaiian cruise lines offer many options for the duration of your cruise. The trips can last between 7-14 days, with packages including 10 and 11 day cruises. When you plan a Hawaiian cruise, destinations and duration are key considerations.

Best Time to Take a Hawaiian Cruise

In reality, there’s really never a bad time to cruise to the islands of Hawaii. However, various times of the year have their own advantages to keep in mind when you plan a Hawaiian cruise. The winter months are the most popular time for tourists to head to Hawaii, as they hope to escape the cold winter weather. However, the weather in Hawaii during these months are usually the rainiest. Also, flights are at their most expensive prices at this time due to its popularity. You’ll may also want to think about a one-way cruise with a flight versus a roundtrip Hawaiian cruise package.

Many people also look to travel in the summer with their families, which is always a great idea. However, only certain cruise lines offer standard and interisland cruises at that time, so your options may be limited. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually a good time to find great deals on Hawaiian cruises. Later in the spring is usually considered the best time to take a Hawaiian cruise. Spring cruises usually see better weather and the cruise ships are far less crowded.

Popular Hawaiian Cruise Lines

  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Princess Cruises
  • Holland America Line

What You’ll Get to See

It’s no secret that Hawaii is home to some of the best scenery our world has to offer, making it a fantastic spot to spend your vacation. Many cruisers choose to stay in Honolulu before or after their cruise, as there is easy access to Waikiki Beach. Waikiki is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Pearl Harbor is also a popular destination for travelers, as typical cruise excursions allow tourists to experience the memorial of the USS Arizona.

In Kona, also known as “The Big Island”, Hawaiian cruisers can try the world-famous Kona coffee before embarking on a tour of the island. Hilo is also a popular excursion destination, famous for Volcanoes National Park. The beautiful landscape provides scenery that is unforgettable for travelers. Those looking for adventure will look towards Maui and Kauai, which are both islands famous for beautiful national parks. There is no shortage of locations to check out tall waterfalls and stunning sunsets throughout the islands. Also, all beaches can be accessed by the public. Be sure to take advantage of any stretch of sand when you plan a Hawaiian cruise and vacation getaway.

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