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Disneyland – The “First” Family Theme Park

First Ticket to Disneyland Theme Park

Yes, there were amusement parks before Disneyland, but none looked to capture the essence of youth and family all at once. So, with that in mind, and the power vested in me by InsureMyTrip, I declare Disneyland as the first true theme park. I’m not alone in this thinking – Google it. Not now, though;

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Where to ‘Snap a Pic’ with Your ‘Fave’ Disney Characters!

By Jeremy Miville A trip to Disney is about making memories and meeting heroes, and, of course, all the FUN! A photo captures these moments forever. Everyone in the park is looking to steal a moment with their favorite Disney characters, so how can you avoid a line and the crowds that engulf your favorite

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9 Tips for Protection from Bug Bites While Traveling

By Matt Meagher 9 Tips for Protection from Bug Bites While Traveling Mosquitos and other dangerous insects are most prevalent between April-October. This same time period each year is when people look to travel to warm, tropical locations. While these exotic destinations might be the most enticing to travel to, mosquitos and other insects that

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Winter Getaways for Travelers

This winter, many travelers will be looking for an escape. Luckily, there are plenty of options. Here at InsureMyTrip,  we couldn’t help but wonder where the travel editors from our favorite outlets like Travel + Leisure or Budget Travel prefer to vacation this time of year. And who better to give us some travel inspiration that our favorite travel writers? So, here’s a few

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