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When You Need More than Trip Cancellation Coverage – Explore Cancel for Any Reason

When we talk about canceling trips, we really are talking about using benefits found in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Comprehensive plans on InsureMyTrip offer the most benefits of all plan types, providing the best protection for your travel investment. Often times they’re ideal for nearly every traveler and contain benefits for trip cancellation. But

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Cruise Fever! Our 2018 Survey Encourages Cruisers to Share Their Experiences

Every year InsureMyTrip reaches out to its customers, asking to learn more about a very popular form of travel: cruising! This year, nearly 3000 people responded to the annual survey and shared some very insightful information with us, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Turns out, getting sick tops the list of travel

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Hurricane Harvey Causes Headaches for Cruisers

Hurricane Harvey Affects Cruises

Hurricane Harvey Affects Travelers Houston, Galveston, and all of Texas, continue to struggle with remnants of Hurricane Harvey. FEMA, the Red Cross, and local governments are focused on rescuing residents from the heavily flooded and dangerously destructed neighborhoods. The repercussions from the storm stretch further than Texas borders. Cruise ships have been stranded and detoured

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How Hurricanes Affect ALL Travelers

Just like the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats,” hurricanes can sink ALL travel plans. How can a hurricane approaching Florida affect a weekend trip to Las Vegas? Let’s find out. Airlines Hurricanes ground flights. While your flight may not be departing from or landing in an area under a hurricane watch, your actual

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