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Spring Snow & Other Travel Whoops Moments

This Spring — such as it is — appears to be starting off as one big “whoops” moment. Groundhog: Whoops.  Expected sunny skies: Whoops.  Warm Spring Break hopes: Whoops. And then there’s all that pesky cruising news: Whoops.  Whoops.  And Whoops again. Not to mention, of course, sequester-related shortfalls and furloughs affecting the TSA, FAA,

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Travel & Severe Weather Preparedness

Yesterday marked the beginning of NOAA’s National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, during which the government agency hopes to highlight key pieces of information and steps people can take to stay safe throughout potentially catastrophic weather events.  Today’s theme is “Know Your Risk,” which couldn’t be more applicable to travel and the travel insurance industry.  Our

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