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More Than One Trip This Year? An Annual Plan May be Right for You!

Is this year shaping up to be your “Year of Travel”? If you have more than a couple of trips planned this year then a multi-trip, or annual travel insurance plan could be the right option for you. And great news! More often than not, there is a financial benefit to buying a multi-trip insurance

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The Need for Domestic Travel Insurance has Never Been Clearer

Domestic Travel Insurance Need

It’s common for people to second guess the need for travel insurance while traveling within the United States. Even more so when there is no need to fly. But one thing became very apparent this summer, Mother Nature is a beast, and she doesn’t care about your road trip. Florida and Texas were pummeled with

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How Do I Calculate My Insurable Trip Cost?

By Jeremy Miville There is a difference between trip cost, and insurable trip cost.  Not every company is clear in explaining this, but consumers should be aware. InsureMyTrip stresses that you should add up the “pre-paid, non-refundable expenses that would be lost in the event of a cancellation.” I personally bought a plan from the

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Why You’ll Want Travel Insurance for a Trip to the Rio Olympics

The Zika Outbreak Brazil is not only the epicenter for international sports this August. It’s also one of the most affected countries from the Zika virus. While you cannot cancel your trip due to Zika without Cancel for Any Reason coverage, a travel insurance plan could reimburse you for covered medical expenses if you should

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