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Snowbird Travel Insurance – Insuring Your Trip South

Snowbird Travel Insurance

Snowbirds & Travel Insurance Explained Kerri Westenbergat from the Star Tribune recently started a conversation with our Director of Customer Service, Mike Griffin, about the potential options for snowbirds looking for travel insurance as they head south for the winter.  She felt there are three problems with insuring this type of trip. Mike was able to

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The ONLY Holiday Travel Tip You Need!

By Jeremy Miville The holidays are often filled with travel delays and horror stories about having to sleep at the airport. But why? Don’t we, as a society, learn from past travel mistakes? Do we have such a short memory span where we block out the news reports, images, and YouTube videos of holiday revelers

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WARWICK, RI, March 7, 2011—It’s hard to tell whether this winter’s paralyzing snowpocalypse, the devastating earthquake in New Zealand two weeks ago, or the recent rash of tornadoes hitting the Midwest are just the tip of Mother Nature’s iceberg wrath or a short-term series of havoc-wreaking temper tantrums. Either way, predicting the occurrence of natural

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WARWICK, RI, February 1, 2011— According to, a leading provider of worldwide flight on-time performance information, more than 28,000 flights were canceled nationwide due to weather in December, 2010.  “The week between Christmas and New Years will loom for millions as the worst season ever,” says Meara McLaughlin, Vice President of Business Development at

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