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3 Cheap Travel Destinations to Help You Spend Your Tax Return

By Jeremy Miville It’s that glorious time of year when Uncle Sam puts a little cash back in our pockets, hopefully. There’s a million ways to spend it, and often times none of them are all that fun. Sure, you can upgrade the dishwasher, pay to have the garage door replaced, or fix that leak

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The Points Guy: Where You Must Visit Right Now

Now is the best time to plan to visit Europe, according to travel expert Brian Kelly (founder of ThePointsGuy.com). Brian recommends the following tips when it comes to planning your dream European vacation at an affordable price: 1. Go to Italy and France With the Euro currently being at $1.07, it’s a great opportunity to

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A Sure Way to Score Cheaper Flights? YES Please!

Scoring the best deal on airline tickets can be a frustrating process. With so much price fluctuation, the hassle of organizing a trip and staying under budget is overwhelming. Making matters worse, airlines tickets can be super expensive. Because of financial concerns, consumers are more than willing to do their homework. In fact, the average shopper compares

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