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US Government Shutdown Status & Travel

U.S. Government Shutdown Status

Government shutdown status is something travelers are keeping a close eye on this month. This is the longest shutdown in US history and the latest breakdown in negotiations will likely make this shutdown last many more days or weeks. So, how will this impact US travelers in the long run? Does a government shutdown affect

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A historic storm is bearing down on the northeast right now and the airline industry is starting to feel the punch with thousands of flights cancelled. 4,000 flights cancelled Mon & Tues for the winter storm. Avoid NE if possible; almost all NYC flights expected… http://t.co/qmZZT2sx7y — FlightAware (@flightaware) January 26, 2015 For those tracking

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ABC 6 News: Ebola & Travel Insurance

By: Liz Tufts (¬†Watch the full story from ABC 6 News here.) Despite reassurance from the CDC, many are still calling for travel restrictions. In fact, one local business says their phones are ringing off the hook with concerned travelers. Inside the call center at InsureMyTrip.com headquarters in Warwick, employees can’t keep up with call

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This Week in Links, Safety & Security Edition

There’s no way to put this delicately: It’s been a scary week for world headlines. While the Olympics continue to wind down in Sochi with a pleasantly surprising lack of security drama (though the effects of that “dangerous face water” on Bob Costas brought a whole different kind of pathos), all is not necessarily quite so well outside the Olympic Village.